Poly-cotton interweave fabric three proof finishing mechanism

2015-11-07 09:39 | writer: admin

protective fabric

The critical surface tension in the air medium of cotton polyester textile is bigger than the water, 72Dyn/cm, also bigger than the oil surface tension, 20—40Dyn/cm, in the air mediem, cotton pily textiles in use will be defiled by oil, which will attect the textile color appearance performance.

Perfluorochemical emulsion’s critical surface tension is 10—16Dyn/cm, after finished by it, when make the high temperature baking, the textile will occurred chemical crosslinking on the surfage and form serial thin film, which will lower the fiber energy, makes the fiber surface tension down to 16Dyn/cm, small the water and oil surface tension, reach the water oil repellent requirement.
Three proof finishing is according to the finishing agent to lower the fiber surface tension, below the water or oil surface tension, to reach the three proof function (reduce the textile moisture content).

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