What are the technical requirements for anti-static clothing in China's anti-static standard?

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anti-static fabric

Anti-static clothing prevents the accumulation of static electricity on clothes, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing accidents generated. 

Chinese standard GB12014-2009 "anti-static clothing" refer to foreign standards, combined with China's actual production and application conditions, made major changes and additions for the technical requirements of anti-static clothing on the basis of old standard.
1. Sewing
Sewing of clothing directly affect the quality of clothing, new anti-static clothing standard GB12014-2009 "anti-static clothing," have set rules of the anti-static clothing sewing requirements: suture needle distance (12 to 14) needle / 3cm, sutures gauge (14 to 16) needle / 3cm. The new standards require seam strength test results can not be less than the minimum value of 100 N.
2.Charge quantity
The amount of charge is an important indicator of the assessment of anti-static clothing, in the old and new standards are adopted the amount of charge to reflect anti-static properties of clothing, and divided anti-static clothing into A and B grade. But different place of them is,the old standard make the anti-static clothing divided into A and B grades according to length of time the wash-resistant, the amount of charge requirements are ≤0.6 (μC / piece), wash-resistant time  of A-level is more than 33.0 h , wash-resistant time  of A-level is more than 16.5 h. 
But in the new standard, A-level and B-level after the same method washing, A-level electric charge requires no more than 0.2 (μC / piece), class B electric charge should be 0.2 (μC / piece) and 0.6 (μC between / piece).
3.Test environmental conditions
Due to the different environment of temperature and humidity,there is huge change of anti-static properties. In old standard, specified test temperature is(20 ± 5) ℃, relative humidity is 40% or less, due to a wide range of humidity, there is huge difference of the actual test results , affecting the scientific testing. New standard considered the international standards and domestic use of the environment humidity have been adjusted, modified to (35 ± 5)% only reduces the measurement error, but also improve the scientific, accuracy and consistency of test.

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