What is the mechanism of antibacterial fabric?

2015-11-10 08:32 | writer: admin

The technology of antibacterial applied in textile industry is more and more widely. According to experts predict that in the next eight years, the annual growth rate of 10% of antibacterial fabrics markets around the world, healthy, natural, environmental protection will become the development trend of textiles.
The mechanism of antibacterial fabric as following:
1. Releasing mechanism
Under normal temperature and suitable humidity, the antibacterial textile can automatic release antibacterial agent, the release capacity is enough to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria.
2. Regeneration mechanism
During washing process, the antibacterial chemical bond of antibacterial fabrics can break and regenerate anti bacterial agent, so then antibacterial agent content on the surface of the fabric can be keep in a certain state of equilibrium.
3. Static bacteria proof
The antibacterial agent is as cationic, or through some kind of cationic substance with negatively charged fibers combined on the surface of fabric, to generate the obstacle of bacteria, so as to achieve the static bacteriostatic effect.

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