What is the fabric vertical flame retardant machine?

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I. The usage and standard of the machine
The machine is used for the flame retardant property test for the garment fabric, decorative fabric, tent fabric, which have the fire proof requires. It can be used by the colleges of wool spinning, cotton spinning, poly and dyed industry and the test center, research and development department. 
II. Working principle 
The machine is test for the fire proof property of fabric. The principle is vertical. Test the flame retardant property according the burning time, afterglow time and damage length after burning the fabric verticality. 
After flame time: under the specified test condition, the fire burning time after move away from the flame. 
After glow time: under the specified test condition, the non fire burning time after fire end or move away from the fire. 
Damage length: under the specified test condition, the max length of the damage fabric in fix direction. 
III. Main specification and the technical data
1. Burner: federa I, inside dia is 11mm, incline 25°, the power is 10w;
2. Preset the ignite time is 0.1~999.9s, the Chinese standard is 12s;
3. The after glow time and the after flame time is 0.1~9999.9s(min 0.1s );
4. The height of the flame device: 40mm;
5. The dimension of the machine: 581x331x845(mm);
6. The power supply: 220v,50hz;
IV.The structure
1. Electric automatic ignite device, the ignite time can be preset between 0.1~999.9s
2. The burning oven is made of stainless steel, the inside size is L 329 x W 329 x H 767(mm);
3. Adjusted height of flame;
4. Automatic keeping of the burner. 

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