Anti-static work clothes is mainly suitable for which industry?

2015-11-12 08:59 | writer: admin

Anti-static work clothes is a kind of dust-free and electronic-static resistant workwear which mainly apply to industries as electric, optical instrument, medical, microbial engineering, precise instrument etc, and its anti-static fabric is a kind of synthetic fiber which contain conductive materials.
Anti-static workwear is used for preventing accumulation of static electricity on garment, which is mainly made with anti-static fabric, it is suitable for electrostatic sensitive places or fire explosion danger area. The fabrication process of anti-static fabric mainly is mixing full/part metal fiber or organic conductive material into anti-static (synthetic) fabric alternately or equably while weaving, the other way is blending two materials together. Anti-static workwear produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd is made up with high quality fabric, it has a good anti-static and shielding property, dust-free, it is suitable for clients of different industries.
There are split type, coverall type, pullover type and other many types of anti-static workwear, socks, hood and mask can be matched freely, According to clients’ requirement, OEM service is available. Anti-static workwear is suitable for: petro industry, mine industry, chemical industry, electric industry, special industry eg. Nuclear, aerospace, military etc. Other industry eg. Food, fireworks, medical etc.

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