What are the assessment method of textile UV protection performance?

2015-11-13 08:59 | writer: admin

The assessment method of textile UV protection performance usually use differential spectrophotometric method.Using ultraviolet spectrophotometer as a radiation source,collect radiation flux with integrating spheres that through the fabric of all directions,calculate the ultraviolet transmittance.At present,the standard of adopting this method is AATCC 183,AS/NZS 4399,BS EN 13758 and so on.
The Anti-ultraviolet Radiation Fabric usually use UPF and UVA these two indicators as comprehensive assessment.
1)UPF-the specific value that product calculate the UV color effect when not use protective with the actual calculated uv color effect when use protective product.It is widely used evaluation index of uv protection fabric that in domestic and overseas.
2)UPA transmittance-Long wave ultraviolet transmission radiation flux that when have a sample with Long wave ultraviolet transmission radiation flux that when there is no sample.
The main reason that affect the UV protection fabric performance:
1)The fiber species,usually the anti-ultraviolet property of polyester and wool is batter than cotton fabric.
2)fabric construction,the closer the fabric, the less through ultraviolet ray,so the anti-ultraviolet property is more batter.
3)fabric hue,general the through UV,heavy color fabric is less than light color fabric.

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