What will be the different results by different test method of flame retardant fabric?

2015-11-23 08:49 | writer: admin

It is a complex procedure when testing the flame retardant property of the fabric, because there are many factors to effect the fabric burning. And the factors are related to each other. Even if one same fabric behave different, the test result will be a little difference. In general, the factors are: lighting fire form, time on fire, the position of the fabric and the fire, etc. Different test method have different test result. Until now, horizontal firing, 45℃ firing and the vertical firing are the most commonly used method. When balance the flame retardant property of the fabric, we should specify the test method and the condition and the horizontal firing is the most relaxed method. 
With the same finished process, test by the 45℃ firing, if the flame can not burn through the fabric immediately in the fabric and the fire will increase and spread to the around. The flame retardant property is bad. When test by vertical firing, if the fabric after burning can form the expansive carbon residue, which can be in favor of the flame spread up and get good flame retardant property. 
As the the 45℃ firing, we suggest to use the molten drop flame retardant chemicals, which is in favor of burning through in short time. As for vertical firing , we suggest to use the form carbon flame retardant chemicals, which is benefit for the fabric to form the non flame carbon floor in short time and get the flame retardant property.

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