Teflon Finishing technology

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1、The working principle of Teflon Finishing 
The fabric after Teflon Finishing,can formation a molecule barrier in the fabric surface,after high temperature curing will formation a thin film that the surface tension is very little,it can prevent from water and oil contamination and permeate,make it as a liquid bead in the fabic surface,forming good water repellency and oil resistance effect,at the same time,because of the high temperature curing make the Teflon finishing agent thin film that formation in the fiber surface can fastness combine with fabric,at the same time,because of it water &oil repellent performance,Water and oil can't make the decomposition of the polymer,so the fabric that by Teflon finishing with good resistance to washing and dry cleaning fastness.
2、Product technological process
margin to seam→singeing→Back to cook→oxygen bleaching→mercerization→mercerization→dyeing→rinse→Teflon finishing→curing→shrinkproof →checkout
3、Teflon finishing process summary
Normal production process of the fabric after the Teflon finishing,can be arrived the Three proofing finishing requirements;The fabrice has been soft that use the Teflon finishing,although have effect in the begining,but after 5 times washing,three prevention effect will be loss.
The converted fabric that need Teflon finishing,need to have more moisture absorption,without alkali,remove impurity,do not contain residues of wetting agent and dyeing auxiliary,sizing agent residual,softening agent and other surfactants.When the Teflon finishing,must be carefully make nitrogen-treated barrel and impregnation of groove cleaning work,in accordance with relevant provisions of the suppliers manual operation.
The fabric after the Teflon finishing,can be not spatter and infringement by water, oil, chemicals, and dirt ,can be used for high quality garments,sportswear, casual wear,protective overalls(Such as oil fields, military clothing),tent, travel supplies,rain gear and the coating and so on.

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