What are some easy ways to test flame retardant fabric performance?

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flame retardant fabric

Below are some maneuverable methods of testing flame retardant textile property:

1, matchstick test method
Testing by matchstick can evaluate the textile fire retardant function or compare fire retardant property. Taking about one pcs 2.5cm*30cm size fabric, put lighted matches under the sample, burn down the matches(or 5-12s), observe the sampple combustion condition or flame retardant effect.Once the sample burning time is not exceeding 5s, it is qualified, exceed middle line or more than 15s, it is not qualified. This means is similar to straight beam method.
2, lighter test mothod
The sample size is subject to the test, heat source is the lighter, burning time is 5s, heat source putting place is similar to application condition. After fire extinguished, see the fire spread condition, if not serious, it is qualified.
3, ethanol combustion test method
Heat source is 0.3mL ethanol, put into a small beaker (bottle cap is ok), the test method can be used straight beam method,  horizons method or 45 degrees oblique method, the distance from ethanol and fabric can be measured by requirements, for example, carbon length, burning area,  afterglow time, after flame time and combustion sdross situation.
4, Tablet test method
The method is adopted in the hexamine(HMTA), weight is 150mg, diameter is 6mm. If  possible, also can use one pcs square plate(230mmx230mm, in the middle, make a 205mm diameter circular hole). Put the tablet to the center of sample(300mmx300mm) when test, use ighted matches touch tablet surface lightly, the test ending is fire extinguished or the fire spread to the tablet observe edge. Take the sample between the center of the sample with the damaged area, record the tablet fire to fire spread to the tablet edge time at the same time. The method is suitable for floor cloth, such as carpet or evaluate the reaction of combination textile to heat or fire reactivity property, it also can be used to observed the flame retardant affect test or the comparison and selection of test conditions.
5, Hot metal nut method
Put a stainless steel hex nut into the electric furnace heated to 950 ℃, with crucible tongs to remove the nut, immediately put it to the p sample center(300mm * 300mm), after 30s later, take out the nut and test the glowiag time, afterglow time and record nut placed points to ignite action involved nut width to edge pressure ring time needed. This method applies to all kinds of floor cloth test.

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