Which methods can reduce the fabric shrinkage rate?

2015-11-27 16:37 | writer: admin

1. Decreasing tension while refined bleaching.
2. During dyeing and finishing process, drying every cloth need to loose the tension, reduce the elongation for avoiding over-shrink the width, if it is a scutching continuous heating machine, the fabric need a small fabric container then threading into frame after scutching, to avoid too much tension between scutching and squeezing.
3. During mercerizing, expanding tension need to be controlled for keep width of grey fabric, and weft elongation need to be noticed.
4. After mercerizing, the tension in post-processing need to be tight controlled for the product, because mercerized and elongated weft shrinkage rate can be customized by semi-finished product index in every process, fabric in every machines need be measured, post-processing need to check the former process, for ensure the semi-finished product due width. 
5. In every process, suppress washing machine, twitch roller, compression roller and drying cylinder need to be checked and well maintained for keep them smooth and clean. Avoid fabric wrinkle after tension loosed, twitch roller in sink should be well operating, in one machine, line speed of front roller and back roller should not a big difference, warp tension should not let the fabric touch the floor, there should be a tightness adjustment device or a partitioned transmission adjustment device for controlling the tension while long-machine subsection.
6. For some machinery tension need to be controlled by manual, standardize tech operations, strengthen tech operation, strengthen machine cleaning, reduce operation tension, reduce the fabric shrinkage rate effectively.
7. Strengthen checking the mercerizing tech condition, conditional dye-works can use straight roller and clip for mercerizing. 
8. Fabric kind which have a big weft shrinkage rate, such as khaki, gabardine and poplin need a preshrunk process, for reducing shrinkage rate. In tight producing, these fabric kind can reach the 4% shrinkage rate best, if only rely on loosing mechanical tension, this shrinkage rate should take preshrink process for more reduction, after preshrink process, the product got better shrinkage and better hand-feeling, even the grains become clear and soft. 
9. For fabric kind got a big weft shrinkage rate, some cannot get a good weft shrinkage rate in reasonable condition for unreasonable width of grey fabric, it is worse in bad producing condition, this situation need a improvement approaching. Mercerization kind need to prove the fabric width meet the requirement. Otherwise the grey fabric’s specification need to be improved, broaden the width of grey fabric for ensuring weft shrinkage rate reduce to requirement range. 
10. Resin finishing can reduce shrinkage and provide better elasticity ( hand feeling need to be noticed ), and coating can also reduce shrinkage.
11. For T/C synthetic blending fabric, the mercerizing process technology and operation an control the shrinkage.

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