What is the most commonly used method that make the fabric with antistatic function?

2015-11-28 11:08 | writer: admin

Under normal conditions,in the electrostatic protective fabric,make the electrical conductivity fibre distribution of forming taeniae, crossband or lattice that at a certain interval in the fabric along the lengthways or crosswise or vertical and horizontal direction,according to the requirements of the fabric antistatic performance,the interval range often choose in 3mm~15mm,because of its good resistance to light,washability,rub resistance,heat resistance and permanent antistatic property,and is not affected by environmental temperature and humidity change,so is getting more and more extensive development and application.From the perspective of textile development,the best to adopt conductive fiber and then antistatic finishing,that can achieve excellent antistatic performance.
The problems of the antistatic fabric that using conductive fiber development is the fabric after finishing(Dyeing etc.),due to the conductive fiber mostly of them are dark,so the dyeing performance become a problem.

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