how to prevent the bad effect of flame retardant function on fabric?

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flame retardant fabric

the method to prevent the bad effect of flame retardant

⑴Reflected form of bad effect flame retardant: after fabric away from fire source, have surplus( flame combustion) or smolder (flameless combustion)  phenomenon.

⑵reason for the effect:
 ①finishing agent ‘s flame retardant effect bad;
 ②flame retardant agent lower concentration or lower rolling over rate;
 ③unevenness on fabric padding;
 ④Technological conditions unreasonable, cause arrangement agent resolve or crosslinking insufficiency.
⑶method for prevention:
 ①adopt great effect flame retardant agent or adopt different effect of flame retardant and mixed use;
 ②Make sure fitful flame retardant agent concentration and suitable rolling over rate, keep the fabric of the arrangement agent on the range of 10%~20%.
 If higher, it will make the fabric strength lower sharply.
 ③While padding, both side of the roller need evenness pressure, in case of dapple padding.
 ④According to flame retardant agent’s property, in case of easy-resolved agent, which will dissolved after high temperature drying, it will make the flame  retardant effect lower; and should be fully crosslinking with flame retardant agent.

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