What are the mechanism of the anti-static property of the textile?

2015-12-03 18:58 | writer: admin

anti-static fabric

The static of the textile surface can be disappear by the follow three ways:
1. By air(gas)
2. Along the surface
3. Through the fabric inner 
(1)by air, which is depend on the neutralizing between the opposite pole charge particle in the air and the static of the insulator or make the charge particle get kinetic energy to fly off. Make use of the point discharge theory and make the high-voltage corona static eliminator, which is widely used in the production of the fiber. 
(2)The speed of the static disappearing is depend on the surface resistivity of the insulator. Improve the humidity of the gas can make the continuous water film at the surface of the hydrophilia insulator and with the sissolution of CO2 and other impurity in the air, which can highly improve the electrical conductivity of the insulator. The further method to make the static disappear is to use the antistat agent, which is the ion or non ionic surface active agent. 
(3)The speed of the static leakage is depend on the resistivity of the insulator. In general, when the resistivity of the polymer under 107Ω·m, the static will be quickly leaked. In order to improve the volume conductivity of the polymer, the most convenient way is add the carbon, metal powder or the conductive fiber

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