what are the requirements of praban cotton flame retardant finishing process?

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flame retardant fabric

1.Determine the concentration of flame retardant were described 
   In the process of making process,Should be determine according to the size of the pad fluid rate and thickness of the fabric.
2.The size of the tide content
   The fabric after pad flame retardant drying,it is should have some of the humidity for the sake of ammonia and fabric flame retardant on the crosslinking reaction When the ammonia smoked,occur flame retardant effect and with the washing resistance.In the process of production should be monitoring the size of the tide content at any moment,and adjust,Contain too small tide will lead to inadequate crosslinking,flame retardant effect not washable,contains too much tide will lead to excess crosslinking,feel stiff,color will also have changed.
3.Determine the amount of ammonia flow
   The amount of consumption of ammonia by per kilogram of flame retardants in theory is certain,But the actual production process should be excessive some,in order that crosslinking fully.Usually too small ammonia flow rate can lead to inadequate crosslinking,flame retardant effect of washing resistance is poor;Excess flow,cause to waste and ammonia spillover,result in poor working conditions.In practical application, also should adjust the ammonia flow according to the thickness of a fabric and the size of the flame retardant agent to achieve the best effect of flame retardant.
4.The concentration of oxidant
   The flame retardant after ammonia smoked curing in order to make it more stable,usually adopts padding hydrogen peroxide to achieve,the amount of hydrogen peroxide should be according to the thickless of fabric,the number of the amount of flame retardants.The speed of padding oxidation liquid should not too fast,make sure have enough hydrogen peroxide on the fabric,after drafty oxidation than wash with neutral soap,oxidation time shoulds not be too long,otherwise it will reduce the fabric strength.

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