What Requirements of Fabric from Three-proofing Soil Release Finish of Cotton Thick Fabric?

2015-12-08 10:18 | writer: admin

Before soil finishing, the fabric need to be cleaned, there is no any additive agent which may affect soil releasing property such as dyestuff, alkaline etc., wetting agent in pretreatment should be washable, and the fabric surface should be faintly acid. Which dyeing, organic silicon defoamer is not allowed, semi-finished fabric before finishing should meet following physical requirements:
1. PH value of fabric surface should be between 6.5 to 7, there will be a acid pickling after dyeing, the temperature of acid pickling should reach 50℃, increase the speed of  neutralization acid infiltrating to fibers floating on fiber surface, make the fiber acid.
2. Alkali content of fabric surface should be controlled to less than 0.05%. Pure cotton dyeing is finished in alkaline condition, there is a high alkali content, usually higher than 0.5%, while acid pickling the alkali will be neutralized and this may need time, after this process there should be a hard washing for removing reacted salt, reducing the influence to soil releasing finish.
3. Moisture of fabric should be controlled lower than 1%, and it should be uniform. The control of moisture rate is very important before finishing, the fiber swelling degree and liquid absorption of the very dry fabric is poor, it will affect finishing result, the high moisture rate will reduce the condensing liquid amount, and this will affect finishing result too. The fixed moisture rate is good for infiltrating and spreading of finish agent while padding. When operating a soil releasing finish which contain fluoric compound, gums, starch, dyestuff and surfactant on semi-finished fabric should be completely wiped off, for left anion impurity will affect fluoric soil releasing finishing result of weak cation.
4. Instantaneous capillary effect of fabric should be in 10seconds. The finishing agent liquid of fabric padding only have a few seconds, so it need a good capillary effect for meet the high speed operation of equipment, meanwhile, it need a good fiber wettability to finishing agent, for matching high speed operation of dyeing and finishing. 

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