Desizing analysis of enzyme used for pure cotton textile

2015-12-09 13:46 | writer: admin

1.The desiing effect of Amylase to the textile should show the percentage of the desizing. When the enzyme concentration is low, the percentage of the desizing is proportional to the enzyme concentration. When the enzyme concentration more than a certain amount, the desizing percentage will be stable. And the certain amount is the most suitable concentration. 
2.When the enzyme temperature to the textile is low, the desizing percentage will be increased when temperature increased. When increased one certain temperature, the desizing percentage reaches its max. After that, with elevated temperature, the desizing percentage will be reduced, which temperature will be the most suitable temperature. 
3.The desiing effect of Amylase to the textile will be changed with the change of PH value. In a certain PH value, the catalysis of enzyme is biggest and to show the best desizing to the textile, which is the most suitable PH value. More than or less than the certain PH value, the desizing effect will be reduced. 
4.The NACL can effect the catalysis of enzyme. Adding the NACL will improve the desizing effect. When the NACL concentration is low, desizing percentage will be higher with increase of NACL concentration. When the NACL concentration reached a certain amount, desizing percentage will not be changed obvious, which will be the most suitable concentration. 
5. Adding the penetrant will improve the catalysis, which show to the increase of desizing percentage. When the penetrant more than a certain amount, the desizing percentage will be reduced, which is the most the suitable concentration of the penetrant. 
6. Dipping the textile to the enzyme liquid, keeping for a while can make the enzyme proceed the sufficient effect to the textile and reached the ideal desizing. With the time increased, the catalysis effect completely. But when reached a certain time, with time increased, the desizing effect isn’t obvious. 
7. For the textile sizing with the modified starch and crylic acid mixture sizing agent. The optimized technology is: textile-press warm water-press enzyme liquid-keep warm &bank up-warm wash -cold wash-dry 
8. Amylase desizing to cotton textile can get the effect of traditional caustic soda desizing. The desizing percentage, wettability, capillary effect are similar to the caustic soda desizing. Whiteness is lower than caustic soda desizing. Enzyme desizing don’t damage the textile and textile is soft. 
9. The amylase desizing have the advantages of mild condition, high efficient, little damage to the textile. Amylase as a kind of zoology protein, without any poisonous, no harmful to human body, COD value of the desizing liquid is small, biodergradability is good and environmental. 

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