Why do shrunk finish to the cotton fabric?

2015-12-10 13:50 | writer: admin

The cellulose fiber fabric can breathable moisture absorption,good performance,But the shrinkage rate is big,often bring inconvenience to consumers.But after the shrunk finish,the warp direction of the fabric can shrink in advance,thus lower the shrinkage rate of the finished fabric,to meet the quality requirements of garment processing.
The international market usually have requirement to the high-grade products about the warp and weft shrinkage rate,but the commonly used preshrinking machine,have no shrinkage effect to the fabric weft.The high-grade products in order to ensure the shrinkage rate of weft can meet requirement,before the fabric entering the preshrinking machine,must be complete the weft preshrinking,general it is fit doing in Singeing, sizing process,appropriate to increase the fabric warp elongation,have the effect of cloth width contraction,to ensure the products that after preshrinking finishing can meet the double shrinkage requirement.

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