The disparity of the domestic fabric and imported fabric

2015-12-11 16:11 | writer: admin

The imported fabric in China is mainly chemical fibre product, about 60%-70% of the total. According to the fabric using states of fourteen typical clothing enterprises, cotton, fur, silk and blended clothing fabric, 70%-85% is domestic fabric, hemp and hemp blends textiles, 98% is domestic fabric. In recent years, with the develpment of the chemical fiber technology in China, imported chemical fibre fabrics drops year by year, but in 2005, imported chemical fibre fabric still accounted for 67.69%, 40%-45% is imported polyester fabric, mostly is super fine denier product, others are blended or mixed chemical fiber fabrics.
The reason why the garment enterprises select imported fabric is that the domestic chemical fibre fabric quality is not good in appearance style, feel handle, defect, draping(forming property), color these five aspects. Data analysis indicates that the main subject of imported medium and high-grade chemical fibre fabric is polyester differentiation filament fabric, the others are new type chemical fibre fabric and mixed fiber fabric, mainly from Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan etc. It shows that there is still a big disparity between the domestic chemical fibre fabric and imported chemical fibre fabric.

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