Do you know the factor to effect the textile property?

2015-12-14 08:28 | writer: admin

Different fabric woven to different pattern and design, such as plain organization show grain, twill organization show twill pattern, and stain organization show float long line.
Organization expect to effect the outside pattern, and it’s also effect the textile style and fabric’s inner quality etc. such plain fabric strong, stain fabric smoothness and even and having gloss and soft on surface.
Woven fabric density is textile weft and warp direction’s unit length of the yarn count. Fabric density will effect such as strength/ flexible/ touch/ bone/ breathable and weaving breakage etc. thread count big, textile will be tighten/ stiff/ durable/ strong, thread count small , textile thin/ soft/ breathable great.
Same density fabric adopt different yarn, thus fabric actual density will have difference. On the comparison of textile density, must considering the fineness of yarn and density, this is tighten degree, tighten degree is fabric’s relative density, is warp(weft) yarn diameter to next two warp(weft) yarn average center distant ratio, using percentage express. More bigger on the ginwave tighten degree, the fabric stiffness bigger, creasing property decrease, anti plane abrasion property increase, anti foldable property decrease, touching harder, and tighten degree small, textile too scarce, and lack of bone.
Must point out, textile ‘s warp tighten degree and warp tighten degree, total tighten degree interaction to each other; total tighten degree to some extent, warp and weft in the same tighten degree, the fabric more tighten, stiffness bigger; however warp bigger than weft , the fabric will be soft and great pendency. Warp and weft different in tighten degree will effect the fabric’s ginwave breaking strength.

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