What are the weal spot in padding dyeing?

2015-12-15 09:37 | writer: admin

1.Article wrinkled: the reason is the fabric suffer the uneven tension and different press pass the nip, running roller crook or be out of shape, running roller or drying drum wear, dirty, the drying drum are not at a line, temperature is not suitable when dyeing. 
2.Color difference between around and side: main reason is unevenness press at the nip, residual alkaline agent, surfactant, silicon salt in fabric, different damage  degree roller, unsuitable roller, etc. 
3.Dyeing spot: main reason is bad modulation of dye agent, not enough filtration, improper temperature, improper store or stir of dyeing agent, improper compose of dye bath. 
4.Waterlogging: main reason is low temperature of the interlayer of the top steam box, cooling water existence at the feed in of the steam box, running roller stop work. 
5.Washable: poor wear-resisting and lighting fastness, main reason is infixation dye agent deposit at the fabric. 
6.Weak spot: reason is lint on the running roller 
7.Color change: the reason is dye chromophore structures is changed by the environment, which is temperature, humidity, light and light source. 
8.Color different of the fabric samples and bulk: reason is the difference of the dye agent, padding time, color fixing time and temperature. Different machine and balance precise, the difference pere treatment of greige, different water, etc. 
So the hand sample should be duplicated another sample and then confirm the production of the bulk. 

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