Introduction to Woven Fabric Dyeing Flaw ( Part1 )

2015-12-16 08:51 | writer: admin

1. Gasoline Spot
Appearance: Tend to occur in E/R blend fabric, gasoline spot appear on the fabric after dyeing, and its color is darker than normal. Observed by a microscope, the top of dark spot lint is small bead shape, and the amount of lints is more than normal part.
Reason: This is caused by singeing unevenness, lints of dark dyeing spot is not well singed, then they become melt bead on top, the bead got a strong dye absorption, so the color of this part is dark. 
2. Imperfect Penetration Of Dye
Appearance: Dark and light cloud form on fabric surface after dyeing.
Reason: 1). Inadequate desizing and refining, or wax and other materials stick to fabric after treatment.
2). Low bath ratio in dyeing bath, heating rate is high, these factors make dye agent into retrogradation.
3.Bleached Hole
Appearance:  Grey fabric is good, but after bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, warp yarns or weft yarns break on fabric then becoming a hole.
Reason: There are rust stick on fabric surface, or there is iron ion in bleach water, iron ion Iron ions and hydrogen peroxide got sharp oxidation while bleaching lead to yarns breaking.
Appearance: Irregular sheet color differences on fabric surface.
Reason: Desizing and refining in pretreatment cannot be well-done.
5. Mist
Appearance: Sheet dyeing spot which is dark or light, and without clear outline, shape, position and regulation.
Reason: 1). Fabric is going to dye, is defiled by dirty water or other agent.
2). After refined bleaching, fabric is placed in the cart without heating, then water spots were printed on fabric.
3). Grey fabric got oil dirt, then heavy duty degreaser leave the spot on fabric while grey fabric inspection.

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