Introduction to Woven Fabric Dyeing Flaw ( Part2 )

2015-12-17 16:48 | writer: admin

6. Color Difference
Appearance: The finished dyed or printed color of fabric cannot match the designated color. 
Reason: 1). The fabric sample of designated color is too small to be matched.
2). Weighing and measuring of dyestuff and additive agent is not precise enough while preparing stain liquid or printing paste.
3). The condition of processing and proofing cannot match the standard, also not be corrected by experience.
7. Color difference by dye vat
Appearance: Color shade difference by using a different dye vat, or different dyeing time.
Reason: Even dye vats are a same type, but their functions are different. While dyeing, the condition of different time cannot be the same.
8. Color shading
Appearance: Color difference on both surface of whole dyed fabric
1). Fabric is off rolling while pad dyeing, the fabric is not match with the pad line surface.
2). After pad dyeing, there is a heat difference between front and back of fabric while drying. 
3). While resin processing, there is a wind speed difference between front and back of fabric. 
9. Side-to-side Shading 
Appearance: The color of whole dyed fabric, is getting darker or lighter from one side to other side. It shows a big difference when comparing the endings.
1). The pick-up rate of pad roller is getting higher or lower from one side to other.
2). The quality of printing roller or roller carving is poor.
3). There is pressure difference on printing roller.
4). When drying, color fixing or resin processing, there is wind speed difference or temperature difference in processing box. 
10. Listing
Appearance: There is a color shade difference between center and edge of fabric.
1). The curvature of expansion equipment is not matched in open-width jigger dyeing machine, lead to absorptivity difference of fabric. The temperature difference between center and side in dyeing sink. Dyestuff is not even in the sink.
2). In flow-form dyeing machine, cycling speed of fabric is slow but the heating speed is fast.
3). In the open-width continuous dyeing machine, the absorptivity between two sides is different. While drying, there is a temperature and wind speed difference between side and center. In continuous dyeing processing, the tension of fabric is not even.
4). While pre-treatment, the center and edge of finished fabric is not matched.
5). Rolling or roll printing, the pressure of center is different to sides.
6). Fabric not get resin processing immediately after dyeing, or not get dried completely, and long time store.

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