Introduction to Woven Fabric Dyeing Flaw ( Part3 )

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11 Tailing of Ending
Appearance: When dyeing more or ten more rolls fabric at the same condition, the first and the end of rolls fabric colors have different changes.
1)In the pretreating process, same batch textile have the different of desizing, refining, bleaching, mercerization and setting.
2)When dye textile, combination dye fixation rate different, the textile is not inconsistent with the roll process, dye additional error, control undeserved dyeing temperature, all can result in tailing of ending.
3)When continuous dyeing textile, picks per minute changed, the stability of staining fluidnot good, the drying temperature will changed.
4)The dye and the auxiliaries has not good intermiscibility, which will makes heterogeneous barrier for the dye granule and water. Becasue of the capillarity, water access to water, the dye liquor concentration changed, which will makes tailing of ending.
5)Once dying textile with glacial dye, the dye will be hydrolysis in the long time  impregnation process, it also can meks tailing of ending.
12  Migration
Appearance: When drying the dyed fabric, the textile water evaporation, the dye moves to the textile apperance, makes the textile surface color have thick or shallow change.
1)too much absorption pressure when dyeing textile
2)overcommit dye when deploy dye liquor, result in high concentration of dye liquor.
3)After dying, long standing time before drying 
4)Too fast drying speed
5)No or less dye migration prevent agent
13 Warp Stripe,YarnTexture Streak
Appearance: the surface of textile have defect stripe warpwise direction, If serious, it can be seen from the greige surface. This kind of defect will display obvious or not obvious because of different intensity, direction of observation and distance.
1)different woven fabic yarn count, evenness, twisting count and cross-sectional shape.
2)Select not good dye, especially happened in dying green color fabric.
3)Like polyester textured silk fabric, improper dandle desizing before dyeing, remaining cataplasm in part, dye do not work, light color, will bring out radial stripes.
14 Barry Dyeing,FillingBand in Shade
Appearance: woven fabric weft direction, round knitgoods crosswise continuous looped pile, after dyeing, the color responses light or dark stripes.
1)woven greige fabric has intensive or sparse blemish
2)When making knit fabric, abb tension slack, or looped pile irregular pattern
3)Using same specs but different batch number filaments chemical fiber yarn
4)Using kanekalon when produce knitted fabric, in the process of silk, different temperature in heating process. 
15 Dye Spot
1)There are same color tiny spots when dying light or medium colour textile
2)There are other dyes tiny spots when bleaching or light color textile
1)not good dye dissolution, some molecules still do not necessarily dissolve
2)Dye float in the sky during transport, fall over the waiting process textile
3)Not clear machine cleanly, produce light color textile after dark color production.

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