Introduction to Woven Fabric Dyeing Flaw ( Part4 )

2015-12-19 08:18 | writer: admin

16. Rope Mark
Appearance: while rope style dyeing, the fabric shrink to rope form, the dyed fabric shell face have irregular color light and weight winkle along with the fabric length.
Reason: using yelio or liquid machine dyeing, fabric didn’t make pre-shrinking or didn’t finalizing the design. Because of the rolling stick doesn’t worked while dyeing, sudden temperature risen or decreased. Dyeing bath rate lower, fabric will tie a not while on the bath vat etc.
17.Padding Mark
Appearance: while woven fabric open the width for pressing dyeing, fabric ‘s warp folded while between two stick bath, through pressure line, because of the thicken and thin difference , it will cause press and adopt rate difference etc. the position of foldable color is a little dark than previous. It occurs on two end of the fabric in one roll.
1). Before pressing dyeing, the fabric will have foldable mark while treatment, it cannot be eliminate while sizing.
2).Pressing dyeing put the fabric , the extend fabric machine doesn’t work , cannot make the fabric open.
3).The seam not good between the roll, it has shrink winkle or irregular appearance.
18. Uneven Dyeing on Selvage
Appearance: dyed fabric, the end will show luster on the fabric surface.
1). The end of the gray cloth too loosen or too tighten.
2). Before dyeing and pre-sizing, the end of the fabric have been through hot temperature and pressure.
3). While dyeing the edge of the fabric will be rolled.
4). While open the width for dyeing, the rolling unevenness , the edge of the fabric will have oxy function.
5). While open the width sulfuration or surname dyeing, it cannot be totally restore.
6). While open the width for dyeing, the edge of the fabric with the fabric surface have different pressure rate.
7). After dyeing, not totally washing, the edge of the fabric will have remaining drug.
19. Fading of Selvage or Discoloration
Appearance: after dyeing arrangement, the completed fabric have color light and heavy different with normal one.
1). Resin treatment, faller gill or pallet temperature higher, dyeing stuff cause subliming being eliminate.
2). Using rotary drum dryer drying the fabric, temperature higher, the edge of the fabric move around the drum , and make it tight.
20. Edge Mark
Appearance: it is rum style knitted fabric, rum form plain fold to two edge on the round position, it will show dyeing abnormal status.
1). While woven, added oil agent will go bad.
2). Gray cloth storing improper or too long time, the edge of the fabric will action by air and sun , which will cause change or pollution.
3). While rum sizing, the sizing template temperature is higher.

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