Introduction to Woven Fabric Dyeing Flaw ( Part5 )

2015-12-21 08:54 | writer: admin

fire proof fabric
21.Roller pollution
Appearance: the fabric go by the roller device when dyeing, because of the dirty of the roller polluting the fabric surface, such as kerogen, chemicals,dyeing agent or other dirty materials. Most of the dirty are strip and there are space between the pollution. 
1)oil stains on the twitch roller
2)Tarry lake or staple fiber on press roller 
3)Oil stain on the drying roller
22.Dyeing Stop Mark
Appearance: in warp or weft, there are 2-10cm width traces, which are lighter or darker than the fabric and the two sides of which have the water mark.
Factor: when the machine in the normal operation, because of power cut, batching or other machine breakdown to lead the machine shut down. And the fabric was gripped in the two roller and padding the dyeing liquid. 
Appearance: packed finished fabric have the darker spot when open the roll. 
Factor: sealed packed fabric, due to the evaporation of water vapor condensation, with weak wet fastness of dye and processing agent, make it move and form mottled stain. 
24.print crease
Appearance: on surface of the printed fabric, in warp or weft, there are strip or fusiforms area that not be printed.
Factor: when dyeing, the fabric overlap and the overspread fabric have not been printed.
25.Printing roller pollution 
Appearance: white bottom printing fabric polluted by few printing paste, most are the roller. 
1)the roller is not very clean, which is easy stick the printing paste
2)Bad contact between the scraper and the roller or the scraper is not sharp enough.

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