How can I test the fire retardant function of flame retardant textile without testing equipment?

2015-12-24 08:23 | writer: admin

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd tell you several simple ways to test the flame retardant textile, easy operation, need not use complex equipment and low cost, apply to initial observation of fire retardant function or as a reference when select technological conditions, but can not be used as standard test method, let alone the arbitration foundation.
1. Matchstick test method
This method can evaluate or compare the textile fire retardant function. Take 2.5cm*3Ocm size sample, put the lighted fire under the sample, burn down the matchstick or 5-12s, observe the combustion state or fire retardant function. Sometimes it ruled that the sample is qualified within 5s buring time, over the midline or the afterglow time more than 15s, the sample is substandard(other indicators can be ruled too). The match specification can be setted or according to the standard technique. This method is similar to vertical test method.
2. Lighter test method
The sample size is according the test requirement, the heat source is lighter, buring time is 5s, the heat source setting position is similar to the application condition. After the fire extinguished, observe the fire spread state, if not serious, the sample is qualified.
3. Ethanol combustion test method 
Heat source is 0.3ml absolute ethyl alcohol, put the alcohol into the small burner cup(bottle cap is ok too), the test method can use straight beam method(5cm*3Ocm), law level(20cm*25cm) or forty-five degrees tilt method(5cm*l5cm), the distance of the alcohol and the textile is 2.5cm, the test index can be determined by the requirement, for example, the damaged length, burning area, after flame time, afterglow time, comburent dross and so on.

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