The difference between taffeta,polyester taffeta and polyester pongee?

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Taffeta is also called taffeta silk ,it is one of hi-class silk products ,mostly is plain weave .warp is second twist boiled-off silk ,weft is combination single twist boiled-off silk .this fabric have high density ,it is one of the most tight fabric in silk fabric .The characteristic of taffeta is suface clean and surface,flat and good looking,good gross,high density,firm handfeel,but after crumple it is easy to cause perpetual kink mark ,so better not fold and pressed ,packed in rolls is good .
Polyester Taffeta
Polyester taffeta is a kind of 100% polyester thin fabric ,specification is 190T,250T ect ,it is suitable for making jacket ,umbrella,car cover ,sportswear,ocean umbrella bag ,suitcase,sleep bag,tent ,table cloth ect .polyester taffeta is one of traditional fabric for polyester,it has popular for a long time ,but then with the appear of another new polyester fabric ,this polyester taffeta's sales market have decreased ,after year 2004,polyester taffeta use Extinction silk,then it is on the market with becatiful apperance and cheap price ,and easy to accept by normal person.
Polyester Pongee
Polyester pongee is also called rainproof fabric ,and "coating nylon fabric " .it has very smooth surface,light weight and high abrasion resistance feature,it has elastic feathre,good color ,no shrink ,easy to wash ,and fast dry ,good handfeel .
Polyester and polyester pongee is all polyester fabric ,but polyester taffeta is lining ,polyester pongee is suface fabric ,polyester taffeta have firm handfeel then polyester pongee.
Polyester taffeta is all long fiber ,polyester pongee both warp and weft ,there should be one direction use low stretch yarn.

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