How to judge the weft and warp of the textile?

2015-12-28 08:11 | writer: admin

(1)If the fabric have edge, the direction parallel to fabric edge is warp , the other direction is weft. 
(2)Sizing is on the warp direction, vice versa.
(3)Generally the direction of high density fabric is warp, vice versa.
(4)The fabric having clear reed, then the direction of reed is warp.
(5)Regarding to half yarn fabric, generally folded yarns direction is warp, single yarn direction is weft.
(6)If single yarn fabric ‘s yarn forming twiddle different, then z twist direction is warp , s twist direction is weft.
(7)If fabric’s warp and weft yarn special count/ twist direction/ twist degree have not much difference, then the yarn levelness/ gloss is the warp.
(8)If the fabric yarn forming twist degree difference, then big twist degree mostly is warp, small twist degree is weft.
(9)Washcloth type fabric, its fluffing yarn direction is warp, vice versa.
(10)Stripped fabric, the stripped direction usually is warp.
(11)If fabric have one system yarn count which having various kinds of special count, this direction is warp.
(12)Leno fabric, having twist direction is warp, non twist direction yarn is on weft direction.
(13)On interweave fabric with different raw material, generally cotton wool or cotton linen interweave fabric, cotton is on warp. On the wool silk interweave fabric, silk is on the warp. 
Wool silk cotton interweave fabric, silk and cotton is on warp. Natural silk and spun silk fabric, natural yarn is on warp. Natural silk and rayon interweave fabric, then natural silk is on warp. Because fabric use widely, type also much more, to fabric raw material and organization structure requirement is various, therefore on judgement , it have to judge according to specific circumstances.

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