How many kind of fire resistant fabric?

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FR fabric is not fabric cannot be ignited just like people said , it can prevent the spread of flame after special treatment, and can be self-extinguished within a period of time.Currently fire-retardant fabric mainly divided into durable after-finishing and fiber FR fabric, wherein the after-finishing flame retardant process are Proban and Pyrovatex, fiber FR fabric can be divided into aramid and acrylic FR fabrics.
Proban is add water soluble flame retardant into the fiber, through a chemical reaction of ammonia into polymer, form a permanent cross-linking, it has a durable FR properties, and will not reduced with the increasing washing times.
CP FR fabric is also called Pyrovatex CP, is to use imported technology and environmental protection flame retardant, CP is better than Proban,the most important point is formaldehyde content can fully reach international standards after water and formaldehyde capture process, and will not rebound along with the changes with time.
Aramid fire retardant Fabric: aramid flame retardant fiber (scientific name: meta-aramid, domestic called aramid 1313) is a permanent flame retardant fiber, with heat resistance, high strength, high wear resistance, softness, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, no droplet combustion, does not produce toxic gases and etc. Fabric weaved by aramid fibers has good dimensional stability,used to flight suit, Chemical defense combat suit, fire fighting clothes and Front overalls, welding overalls, radiation overalls, chemical protective clothing, high-pressure shielding clothes and other special protective clothing.
Acrylic/cotton FR fabric is made of modacrylic fiber with itself FR performance,
Polyacrylonitrile fiber acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric made of a self-made flame retardant. When modacrylic blended with cotton or other cellulose fiber, its LOI can reach 28 to 32. Flame retardant performance does not decrease with time and washing times.

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