What is the EN 20471 Standard ? How it differ from EN 471?

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Since Oct. 1st, 2013, The European Commission decide to replace the EN471:2003+A1:2007< High-visibility warning clothing for professional use - Test methods and requirements > by EN ISO 20471:2013 < High-visibility Clothing - Test methods and requirements > which will be the new European Union harmonized standard of safety reflective garment. Since Oct. 1st 2013, all EEC certification of safety reflective garment testing which based on EN471 will expire; All safety reflective garments which are sold to Europe market must meet requirements of EN ISO 20471:2013 Standard.
The main difference between New EN ISO 20471 reflective clothing standard and old version EN471:2003+A1:2007 Standard including these seven aspects:
1.Requirements for color and luminance should be met after washing cycles;
2.Dyeing requirements for color fastness to perspiration staining change class 3 to at least class 4 ;
3.Requirement for tensile strength of woven fabric change to at least 100N;
4.Requirements for rupture strength of knit fabric change to at least 100 KPa (50 cm²test area) and at least 200 KPa (7.3 cm²test area);
5.About physical properties test for single layer or multi-layer clothing, permeability index (RET) should not over 5 m²Pa/W. If the permeability index is over 5 m²Pa/W, it must be measured and ensure that imt≥0.15;
6. There is no difference between each performance level of reflective materials, the requirement is same as class 2 of EN 471;
7.New symbol. 
Reflective garments are widely used, it is usually made of high visibility fluorescent fabric, it should be striking colored while daylight operating, especially using the reflective materials can improving nighttime worker safety tremendously. Especially in variegated background, fluorescent and reflective materials can be noticed immediately, this will keep operators safety, therefore the quality of reflective garment is becoming more and more important in European country. According to market demand, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd got the EN20471 certification from BTTG authority.

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