What are the factors may influence the rubbing fastness of the textile?

2015-12-31 10:09 | writer: admin

The rubbing fastness is always the main problem to improve the quality of the textile. The rubbing fastness of the textile is determined by the quantity of the surface dyeing, the size of the dyestuff molecular weight, combine condition of dyestuff and fiber, uniformity of dye penetration and the dyestuff particle on the fabric, etc. The main factors to influence the color rubbing fastness are the rubbing of the fabric surface, surface dyeing of coloured textile and the combine of the dye agent and the fiber, etc. 
The color rubbing fastness can be divided to wet rubbing and dry rubbing. The former is rubbing the colorful fabric with the drying white fabric. And the latter is rubbing the colorful fabric with the wet white fabric. The wet rubbing color fading causes by making the dye agent and flooding transfer and the color fiber particle transfer under the rubbing. The wet rubbing affect by the outside force and water. So the wet rubbing is one grade lower than the dry rubbing. 

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