What are the causes of the fabric color difference and garment color difference?

2016-01-04 08:19 | writer: admin

The fabric color difference: one same roll fabric have left, center, right color difference(incluing dark or light edge), back-to-face shading; one same batch fabric have color difference between roll and roll, piece and peice, and out of color sample(including the sample color and product color difference, contracted sample and product color difference).
The garment color difference: one same garment, different part have different color, the same part have color difference betwwen up, down, left and right; one set garment have color difference between piece and piece; one same shipment, different carton have color difference, different piece have color difference.
The garment color difference is because of the fabric color difference, if the fabric has fewer color difference problem, garment is the same, otherwise, the garment have more problems. But some fabric color difference problems can be overcomed or lower the serious degree in the garment production process, some problems are difficult to overcome, the only way is not to use these fabric. So, the relation of the fabric color difference and garment color difference is not a simple causal relationship, but complex internal relations.

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