Why the fabric is short of weight?

2016-01-05 08:43 | writer: admin

1.Greige yarn is slim then the yarn count they actually purchase ,for example ,if you buy 40 yarn ,they may offer you 41 yarn.
2.Moisture regain not enough,the fabric after printing or dyeing ,when dyeing them,the moisture will lose a lot,but the specification of the fabric ,it is the weight under standard moisture regain. So when weather is very dry ,the fabric after dyeing is not enough resurgence ,the weight is also not enough ,especially natural fiber,such as  cotton ,linen,silk ,fur ect ,the bias will be very big.
3.When weaving greige yarn ,the abrasion is large ,it will cause too many hairiness fall off and result in yarn count be thinner ,thus will cause weight of fabric less.
4.During the dyeing process redyeing will cause yarn wastage more and lead to yarn become thinner.
5.During the process of singeing ,if the fire is too big,it will cause fabric surface too dry ,the yarn will be damaged when desizing,and become thinner.
6.When mercerizing, caustic soda will also damage the yarn.
7.Fleece and brush finishing will also cause damage of fabric surface.
8.The last one is density not arrive standard ,supplier not produce according to specification ,density of warp and weft is not enough.

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