Which is the reason to cause textile color difference in batch production?

2016-01-06 08:42 | writer: admin

The reason to cause the color difference in batch production, concluded that there are 4 aspects mainly:
a.The fiber raw material is produced in different place, and different batch/lot, there is diversity in absorptivity of dye stuff;
b.Dye stuff/ agent / chemical material produced in different area, and different batch/lot, there is also diversity in each effective componential content; 
c.On planning and scheduling, matched vat and platoon vat have reasonability(the dyeing machine with different type have color difference in gardner, matched vat / plan arranged error , it have some connection with batch difference and vat difference.).
d.The standardability on technological conditions execution, this is not only on dyeing stage, pre-treatment/ after-treatment such production processes also have been included.
All above 4 points, if one points have problem, it will affect batch production color difference of the textile. If the company’s technology and arrangement have shortage, the it will have big probably to cause several affect reason, it will also increase the complexity and difficulty for searching the real reason.

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