How to control the shrinkage of FR fabric?

2016-01-07 08:14 | writer: admin

As the FR fabric is shrunk by machine, so should determine and control the shrink rate in advance. The process is as following,
1)Cut two pieces of fire retardant fabric as sample, washing and ironing the samples according to the standards or the requirements of customers, then obtain the shrinkage rate of weft and warp direction.
2)According to the shrinkage rate we have obtained, to adjust the shrinkage machine, and have the shrinkage rate we required.
3) After the shrinking, cut a piece of fabric, then washing and ironing according to the same method of the Non-shrunk samples, then record the shrinkage rate. So we will check whether the shrinkage of fire retardant fabric that shrunk by machine can meet the requirements.
In order to prevent the fire retardant fabric shrinking as washing, to keep the original size or have the required shrinkage, we should process moistening and steaming processing to the fabric when shrinking, sometimes need excess moistening or excess steaming. In the production, we should processed according to the actual situation and treatment, whatever we adopt which moisten method, we must make sure each yarn is completed wet by water, only in this way can make each yarn have been shrinking.

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