What are the effects to the textile after finished treatment if the desizing is not good?

2016-01-08 08:27 | writer: admin

At present, most of the sizing agent are using the starch and poval in China. Among them, the mixture sizing agent is widely used in the weaving factory, because they have good effect to the weaving. But to the dye and print factory, the mixture sizing agent is harder to desize than the starch slurry and the poval is the most hard to desize. Because its high degree of polymerization, high alcoholysis degree and low water solubility. 
Take poly cotton fabric for example, the unclear desizing will have a strong impact on the scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing and treatment. If desizing not clear and then singeing, the top of poly fused to globule, which can mix the compound sizing agent to fiber and make the softening point go down. When in hot-set, the dye agent can get in the fiber in advance and make the sublimation down. When washing in printing, this kind of poly will be polluted easily by reactive dyes and make too much poval in mercerizing lye. Stoppage the pipe when recycle the inspissation, influence the normal work. When dyeing the dark color, some place can not be dyed and the fabric surface may have white cloud maculosus. So the desizing of fabric should be more than 80% and the disabled pulp of fabric should be control under 1%. 
Sizing is a effective protect measures to the weaving factory, but which is an heavy load to the dye factory. Because of the unclear desizing, the fabric permeate is not good, hard hand feeling, dim color and reduce the processing quality. So the desizing is important. And when the weaving factory choosing the sizing agent should consider of the desizing for dyed factory. Only in this way, can improve the quality of the finished products. 

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