What is the significance of American Flame Retardant Protective Garment?

2016-01-09 08:11 | writer: admin

The main standard of American flame retardant protective garment including the selection, use and maintenance standards of National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA2113 industrail flash fire protective flame retardant garment; NFPA 2112 industrial flash fire protective flame retardant standard; NFPA 70E industrail electric power safety standard and a series of ASTM American standard test standard, eg. ASTM F1930 flame retardant protective property testing method by exploding a dummy, ASTM F1959 fabric arc-proof protective property test method and ASTM F955 fabric protective property to molten metal test method.   
NFPA 2112 and NFPA70E are cited by the occupational health and safety agencies, as a legal requirement of relevant professional person protective garment. Many workers in petroleum, chemical, electric industry must configure flame retardant workwear according to NFPA2112 or NFPA 70E. Whether these standards are cited by the law or not, American flame retardant garment standard are widely adopted by America industry, and they are becoming a consensus standard of flame retardant workwear. Through many years application and update, American flame retardant garment standards are considered as practical, scientific reasonable standard which can ensure the basic protective property. Many transnational enterprises and group choose American flame retardant protective garment standard as a basic requirement of company’s personal protective garment global platform. 

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