The classification of functional fabrics

2016-01-14 08:15 | writer: admin

According to the protection objets, the functional fabric can be sorted to the general job and special job protective textile. The general job protective fabric is the anti -stain, anti-abrasion, anti-heave run over textiles under the general environment, such as the protective gloves, oversleeve, leg guard, etc., which provide safe protection for the machinery workers. There are widely choices for the general job protection, such as different standard pure cotton, poly, and blended fabric. The special job protective fabric is only suitable for the dangerous environment, which can endanger the workers’ safe and health. The special protective textile can avoid and reduce the occupational hazard, which with high specificity and the fabric should be pass the national and industry protective technical standard. And it is widely used in the chemical, metallurgy, oil, electric, firefighting,etc. 
According to the application area, the functional fabric can be sorted to public utilities, military, medical treatment, leisure sports, industry, building, agriculture, etc. Public utilities textile, such as bus protective workwear use the return reflective tape and photoluminescence materials, which can add the visibility of the object(person, road) and avoid the accident. Military textile can be sorted to bullet proof clothing, NBC protective suit and camouflage clothing, which function is to help the soldiers resist, precaution the wicked weather conditions and biology and chemical war. Medical protective textile requires comfort, easy operation, safe, antitoxin, anti-microbial, abrasion resistant, rip stop, anti cut, no-wash, reduce operation infection, etc. The relaxation and sport textile are mainly the clothing wear by the motorcycler, climber, slider, skater. The clothing not only can protect human, it can be breathable, suppleness, flexibility, portability and easy care.

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