How to ensure color fastness of fabric?

2016-01-15 08:18 | writer: admin

Color fastness including color fastness to sublimation, ironing fastness, soaping fastness, perspiration fastness, rubbing fastness, light fastness etc., about these color fastnesses, the key point is structure property, and it is also have bearing on external condition, fiber, dye strength, finishing, so dyestuff mainly decide the color fastness, then it is up to dyeing technology and application of dyeing assistant.
While accrediting the dyeing technology, it must accord with fiber, dyestuff and customer’s requirement reasonably, the fabric must be tightly dyed with the help of dyeing assistant, and make dyestuff fully fixation. For dyeing assistant, first is about good levelling agents and accelerating agent, that will combine dyestuff to fabric slowly evenly and fully; Second is adding chelating agent, for overcoming surface dyeing that compound by dyestuff and metal ion, and reducing hydrolysis of reactive dyes in water; Third is choosing a good soaping agent, cleaning the surface dyeing, and preventing surface dyeing contaminate the fabric again; fourth is choosing a suitable dye-fixing agent, except there is no good dye-fixing agent for color fastness to sublimation and light fastness, there are many good dye-fixing agents for soaping fastness, perspiration fastness and rubbing fastness.

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