What are the main causes of dyeing defect in fabric dyeing?

2016-01-16 08:19 | writer: admin

Dyeing defect is the most common quality problem in dyeing steps, please see following reasons:
1), process formulation and operation problems: unreasonable process formulation and misoperation will cause dyeing defect.
2), equipment problem: for example, different temperature in heat setting machine oven after disperse dye adsorbing polyester fiber will cause dyeing defect, so as the rope dyeing machine pump power insufficient.
3), dye problem: asy to gather, poor solubility and compatibility, the day is sensitive to temperature and PH easily, which will cause dyeing defect.
4), water quality problem: because of the water quality, the combination of dye and metal ion, dye and impurity will cause dyeing defect, color light and inconsistent color sample. The auxiliaries associated with dyeing defect including penetrating agent, levelling agent, chelating disperse agent and PH control agent etc, the insufficient seepage force will caused dyeing detect by dye liquor permeability heterogeneity, the levelling agent select should be considered the disperse assistant dissolve effect for dye, retarding and migration effects, permeation effect, even the complexing action for metal ion in water, also including it’s PH applicability, spumescence and degree of dyeing factors, the levelling agent can improve dyeing defect and pigmentosa. Chelating disperse agent also have level dyeing problem, under the condition of worse and worse water quality, the chelating disperse agent’s function for level dyeing should be paid more attention. PH control problem is not a very seriously problem, it is imposible to control PH value, so the dyeing defect and color difference occured frequently.

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