Which effect will caused to polyester cotton fabric if wrong pretreatment of the fabric?

2016-01-18 08:09 | writer: admin

Pretreatment quality will have big effect on the dyeing quality of the fabric.
Such as the quality of desizing ,the effect of  capillary effect,whiteness, mercerizing after boiling, the degree of setting,the alkalinity of surface fabric ect. Among them ,any of the pretreatment not even or not arrive the requires of treatmemnt , it will reflect the dyeing propriety.
In terms of boiling capillary effect,if the content of alkai,the temperature of steaming,the time of steaming not control well,it will cause capillary effect not even, during dyeing , capillary effect high fabric ,will absorb more liquid ,and color will deeper ;low capillary effect part ,will absorb less liquid, and color lighter ,in this way will cause color difference.
Another example is whiteness,because some factor changes ,such as content of liquid ,rate of pressing liquid ,steaming temperature,stock time ect ,this will cause the whiteness difference ,and whiteness is not always effect after dyeing ,but must effect on color tone ,serious will cause color difference.
So,we need treat serious about pretreatment ,and make sure the physical standard of  semi-products even and arrive standard.

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