How to Analyze the Reasons and Solutions of Incipient Bad Performance in Water/Oil Repellent Finishing

2016-01-20 08:43 | writer: admin

The reasons:
Through the experiment, there are three reasons that the poor waterproof performance produced:
1, finished cloth: cleaning of scouring or dyeing is not sufficient, and the residual scouring agent on the cloth , leveling agent, dispersing agent, penetrating agent,etc.
2, the working fluid problem: improper use of the concentration or concentration changes in process, or the working fluid by mechanical agitation, temperature, medicament,etc, then stability is affected; or improper working liquid dispensing sequence.
3, reason of processing conditions: defective waterproofing agent selection, or drying and baking conditions are not sufficient, uneven.
The main measures to solve the above problems can proceed from the following aspects.
The main countermeasures
1. Before waterproof processing, cloth should be thoroughly rinsed with water.
2. Select suitable for processing fiber waterproofing agents, processing as much as possible to continue to add new formulation of the working fluid. Strengthening finished cloth temperature management, to avoid the heat cloth after drying directly into the studio. Learn to fight with drug compatibility, according to the order prepare working solution, when other additives diluted with warm water need to be cooled first,then plus waterproof agent. Prepared working fluid needs to be used within 24h.
3, drying, baking temperature should be uniform, not too low, generally above 140 ℃.

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