During the Dip Dyeing of Cotton Nylon Fabric ,How to Avoid Color Flash?

2016-01-22 08:37 | writer: admin

Color flash seeing from the appearance ,it is because cotton fiber and nylon fiber need different color hue ,that is color hue not even,the basic reason is because some dyeing stuff which dye cotton will have contest dyeing on nylon.
In the production ,dyeing raw color and twice color (such as red ,yellow,blue,orange ect ) can take full advantage of contest quality ,that will make cotton fiber and nylon have very good color ,color hue even ,and good quality .but three times color (such as army green,iron grey,brown ),it is very had to have same color hue in two fiber ,color flash phenomenon will very serious ,this is the most difficult problem happen during dyeing cotton nylon fabric ,we can slove this problem from the following 3 aspects :
1.Dyeing stuff. Normally the dyeing agent which dye cotton (such as reactive dyeing,direct dyeing ) all have certain kind of contest dye to nylon fabric ,the new type dyeing stuff which not stain nylon can slove this problem.
2.Auxiliaries. In order to avoid the contest dyeing to nylon fiber ,we can choose the special dyeing stuff which is suitable for cotton and nylon .
3.Technology. Reactive dyeing normally solid color when PH is more then 11 .but usually the acid dyeing stuff which use to dyeing nylon ,the suitable PH value is 5.5~6.0,that is to say ,dyeing under acid condition .two polarity technology condition make the reactive dyeing stuff which already dyed on cotton will have different kind of stripping when dyeing nylon,that cause much difficult to color combination.Choose the warm condition neutral dyes to replace acid dyes ,neutral dyes the PH value is around 6.5,it will have small effect on reactive dyeing ,so that will make army green,iron grey,brown ect three times color have better homochromy effect.

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