The Dyeing Classification of Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

2016-01-23 08:27 | writer: admin

The dyeing of cotton flame retardant fabric can be classified by two method:
I. According to the dyeing agent
1.Reactive dye , the most widely used until now, which can meet the environmental requires and the color fastness is good. 
2.Direct dye, which is made from natural plant, the light fastness color fastness is low. 
3.Vat dyes, also be called Vasekine dye or indanthrene dye, which have high color fastness, bleach proof, can be used for hotel or hospital bed textile, which is expensive than the reactive dye. 
II. According to the dyeing method 
1.Jig dyeing, which we usually called vat dye. It is the full width fabric turn among two roller and the fabric absorb the dye liquid in the vat, which is applied the reactive dye and direct dye. The dyeing vat machine covers small area, cheaper, but with low efficiency. Take 3000m dyeing vat as example, the capacity is 9000m per 24 hours. 
2.Pad dyeing, we called full width continuous pad dyeing. The fabric absorb dyeing liquid from dyeing groove and then pressed by two roller, drying, fixing and then washing, drying. This method is efficient, the capacity is 1200-3000m per hour. This kind of machine is the union type of the pad dye machine, dryer and washer. The dye cost is high and more waste of dyeing agent than other dyeing method. 

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