How the Stain Appearance Happened in Textile Producing?

2016-01-25 08:24 | writer: admin

After textile fabric is woven, there will be several processes which may let fabric contact different kind of instruments, industry processing water and dyeing auxiliaries etc., that will make fabric staining which is a common problem in textile manufacturing. While the technology of fabric stain resistant become an important step that ensuring product quality, upgrading quality level and ensuring style of fabric.
Fabric staining appearance usually occurred in these procedures:
First, in storage. For example, dye house and laboratory are too close to storage grey fabric, half bleached fabric and finished products, and some kind of nature factors such as wind and rain or some kinds of human factors as staff contact, moving, these factors bring dyeing stuff and dyeing auxiliaries to storage which may cause staining.  
Second reason is staining in logistics. Such as irregular packaging while loading goods, then footprints stain the grey fabric or half-bleached surface, even through pre-treatment and washing, footprints are still leave on the fabric surface.
Third is producing instruments staining. The ageing and rusting on the instrument, and lack of maintenance, or even repairing will leave dirt on fabric.
Fourth is staining in dyeing process, while chemical reacting. The main appearance is while spot and color spot while washing print fabric, yarn-dyed striped cloth (eg. Yarn-dyed towel) staining while desizing, or poor color fastness of medium/deep color, and dyeing staining on different fiber while post-treatment of blended product. 

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