How to Control the Color Difference on Fabric Dyeing?

2016-01-27 08:14 | writer: admin

Color difference is one of the difficult things to troubled our dyeing workers frequently, however the reason to cause the color difference is too many, below let us tell you how to control color difference on every processes in our factory:
1. Grey cloth detection stage
It’s very important to detect the Grey cloth: we should not only inspect width/ density of warp and weft, but also to check the outer quality of fabric ( such as weaving defection/ stain etc), we will mark the Grey cloth with different time, on dyeing we try best to use one batch fabric to dyeing same color, if we use different batch fabric, we should mark on the card, in case of any batch difference.
2. Fabric pre-treatment stage
Grey cloth need to though pre-treatment, to improve the dyeing property. Pre-treatment is one of the main reason to cause width difference: boiling time/ temperature/ concentration/ scouring pressure control are the most important things, especially the detection of concentration which need professional person. Moreover, washing temperature also should be noticed, cannot lower or higher.
3. Dyeing stage
Dyeing is also one of the main reason to cause the color difference. Generally padder pressure uneven/ oven width temperature difference is one of the main reason to cause color difference, dye vat width indicator difference also cause the aberration. Dye liquor on the dye vat didn’t reach dynamic condition is also the reason to cause dye difference in the head and the tail of Grey cloth. If dyeing on the jig dyeing machine, we will put dyestuff / auxiliaries , especially the dye stuff against alkali.
4. Finishing stage
Generally, if exclude above three possible reasons, you should to check sizing machine, because sizing machine ‘s pressure uneven, especially light color variety, will cause aberration.
5. Equipment selection
Different equipment tension, and water pump lift strength will cause aberration.
6. Personnel selection
Operator’s skill higher or lower will also effect the textile’s aberration, so we always choose higher skilled / higher quality / better operator to handling the equipment.

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