What are The Common Dyestuff for The Pure Cotton Fabric? What are The Dyeing Property for Each Dyestuff?

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The main dyestuff are the direct dye, reactive dye, vat dye, soluble vat dye, infusibility accidentally ammonia dye and sulfur dyestuff, etc. 
1. Reactive dye 
The reactive dye is the soluble dye contain the active group., under the proper condition, which can set off a chemical reaction with the cellulosic fiber, protein fiber and improve the washing color fastness of the fabric. Meanwhile, the dye have the advantage of dye, dye and print simple and convenient, bright color, various color, cheap, etc. But the fixation rate is not good, when in basic solution, the will be hydrolyzed and cause flooding. 
2.Vat dye 
The vat dye is insoluble in water, which can’t be dye directly. It should be restore to       leuco body in the caustic soda, sodium hydrosulfite with high alkali restore liquid. The cotton fiber dyed by the euco body, after oxidation and recover to the infusibility dye and fix on the fiber. The vat dye with complete color, bright in color, with good color fastness in light and washing. Because of the high cost and some yellow and orange color have the photosensitive brittle damage, so the application have been limited. 
3. Direct dye
The direct dye can be soluble in water and in the middle or the alkalescence liquid, the cotton fiber can be dyed in color. The direct dye with complete color and the dyeing method is simple, cheap, which is the main dyestuff of the cotton fabric. But the color fastness is not good and should be added the color fixing in the after finished treatment. 
4.Solubility vat dye 
The solubility vat dye is the ramification of vat dye, which is soluble. After dyed on the fiber, it should be done the oxidation in the aid liquid and make the dye hydrolysis and oxidation and recover to the insoluble vat dye and dye on the fiber. The dye process is simple, dyeing is well, color fastness is high. But this kind of dye is expensive and mainly used for dye and print light and middle color for 100% cotton fabric. 
5.Sulfur dyestuff
It is insoluble in water, but can be soluable in vulcanization liquid, revert to leuco body and the leuco absorbed by the cotton fabric, oxidized the infusiblity dye and fix the cotton fiber. The dye is mainly used for the cotton fiber dark color dye. The washing and light color fastness is good, dye method is simple, price is cheap, but the rubbing color fastness is not good, but color is not bright. 
6. Infusibility azo dyes
The dyes consist of the azoic coupling component and chromophore. Because when the colorradical have the diazo reaction requires ice, so the dye called ice dye. The dye with bright color, good washing and light color fastness. But the rubbing color fastness is not good. 

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