What Factors Easy to Cause Abnormal in Fabric Dyeing Process?

2016-01-30 08:58 | writer: admin

A, Unprofessional operations may lead to the dyeing knotting ,It’s very easy to produce severe colored spot.
B, Excessive heating, tintage too fast in short time, the time for warm keeping is not enough, all of those can easily lead to lack of time for level dyeing.
C, Due to the water quality,The fabric may appears high hardness in a period.
D, Improper PH adjustment is easy to occur color spot or color difference, especially when doing superfine contained OP fabric with high fastness dyes.
E,Poor compatibility of color formulations, poor stability and reproducibility in high temperatures, easy to cause color spot or color difference.
F, When the dyeing vessel change hues, cleaning is not clean, It’s will result in contaminated color or oil in dyeing cloth or dyeing defect.
G, The nozzle size is not appropriate will also cause strip color spots.
H, Gray fabric oil content is large, and the deoil is not clean, easy to produce color spot in deoil place.
I, Dyeing capacity of the cylinder is too big or fabric is too long in the cylinder.
J, Dyeing cloth speed is too slow.
K, Unstable auxiliaries effectiveness or poor compatibility of dyes and additives.
L, Poor relax scouring efficiency.
M, Dyeing capacity cylinder volume is too big.
N, Dyeing machine doesn’t run properly.
O, Fast cooling speed when dyeing,so that the state directly into the cold water from the hot oil on the formation of small transverse fold phenomenon.
P, Improper nozzle selection.
Q, Poor dye migration.
R, Due to dyeing, the dyeing stage heating up too fast, dyeing fabric tension is too large (nozzle pressure and speed adjustment wheel with a cloth does not match, causing the line speed is too fast, the fabric tension increases) shaped longitudinal die off, and color color crease with other parts of the different phenomena.  

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