What are the reasons lead to poor water repellent? How should prevent?

2016-02-01 08:38 | writer: admin

The concrete manifestation of poor water repellent: poor water drops, even the fabric is wet.
The reasons:
① The sizing agent on the gray fabric is not washed clean,and also not washed clean after dyeing, there is still surface active agent on the fabric.
② The amount of water repellent agent is too little, the rate of absorption is low, and the speed of dyeing machine is rapidly.
③ The gray fabric is not completely dry.
④ The curing temperature is too low, reduce the water repellent agent crosslinking.
The prevention method:
① Washing the gray fabric completely, No impurity.
② Increase the water repellent agent, use different absorption rate for different fabric, the speed of machine should be less than 24m/min.
③ Process the water repellent finishing after dyeing, determine the suitable technology.
④ Follow to the technology strictly.

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