What is Woven Fabric ? What are its Characteristics?

2016-02-02 08:25 | writer: admin

Cross the yarn(fiber) to vertical and horizon direction, it is called interweave in textile industry, fabric woven by different form called woven fabric.
Generally it is a way that fixing the warp yarn (to turntable) and keep releasing the warp, while weft yarn is in shuttle, launched the weft yarn through beating-up device, crossing warp gap which separated by heald frame, then woven the fabric got different grains, by this time the color and yarn fiber of weft yarn will change a lot, but the warp is always fixed.
But modern textile industry has already change the wove technology a lot, several generations of shuttleless loom use no shuttle any more which overcome the noise caused by weaving clothing, and also improved the productivity and quality. But basic principles of interweave didn’t change, the fabric which produced by interwoven method still called woven fabric.
The Characteristics of Woven Fabric
For there is a curve on warp and weft crossing, also it is just inward curve on the direction perpendicular to fabric surface, curvature degree is related to warp weft tension and yarn rigidity, if there is a force such as longitudinal stretching to woven fabric, the warp tension will increased and curve reduces, also the weft curved more, if the longitudinal draw won’t stop till the warp completely unbend, while the fabric will be in transverse contraction. When there is a transverse stretching to woven fabric, the weft tension increased, curve reduced, while warp curved more, if the stretching won’t stop till weft unbend, by that time fabric will be in longitudinal contraction, and warp and weft won’t change.

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